Here is a recording of Garland’s presentation “10 Creative Ways to Use Data In Presentations” from our 2018 Presentation Ideas Conference. If you have comments or questions about the presentation, let us know.


Data is increasingly important in business and organizations.

In this presentation, Garland will show you 10 creative and original ways organizations are using data in their presentations including infographics, automatic dashboards, customizable presentations, real-time engagement and even communicating with our new robot overlords!


About Garland

Garland is a professional speaker, coach, and consultant on digital marketing and productivity.

Garland has taught workshops for business conferences, universities, government agencies, non-profits and small to medium size businesses. Thousands of people have attended Garland’s presentations and rave about he helps transform their lives and businesses.

Garland is the host for this conference and is the Marketing Director for PresentationPoint.

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